Kara's Cupcakes Cupcake Wars Winners

Winning the Food Network's Cupcake Wars is a real challenge. Kara's Cupcakes has done it not once, not twice, but THREE times! Well, you know this Northern California cupcake shop has to be BOMB and make some very good cupcakes!

This company has 5 locations throughout Northern California Bay Area. While these little sweet treats have been around since the 19th Century, these small cakes frosted perfectly with delicious decorated icing are taken to another level at Kara's Cupcakes. The California Cupcake Wars Winner loves baking cup cakes and having fun doing it. They consider them little elegant desserts that are not only easy to eat, but can make almost any event fancy! For example, I had cupcakes at my wedding:)

The Cupcake Wars winner works very hard to win. The overall show is very cumbersome in that you must sty mentally focused, develop creative desserts, and maintain a certain level of professionalism.

Being a Nor Cal resident, I had to verify the all out deliciousness of these sweet pastries from a local Cupcake Wars Winner!

The banana, chocolate velvet, and kara's carrot cake are my favorites. Not are they ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS, but they are super cute with little decorations. The frosting is perfectly sweet, not too rich. The cake part was moist, fresh, and almost melts in your mouth.
One can def taste and completely understand why the flavors and baking may have won the Cupcake Wars, but one would to the episode to fully understand what it takes be a true winner of the ultimate cupcake challenge.

 Kara's Cupcakes

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1388 N. Main St 
Walnut Creek, California 94596 
United States

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