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Launching a home based or retail storefront business is an exciting endeavor that can pay off in many ways. However, in order to be successful in the bakery industry thees days, you'll need to learn effective internet marketing. If you're looking for cake bakery marketing strategies that will take your business to the next level, listen to the cupcake Monster for ten great tips to follow.


1. Pay attention to your chosen key words


There was a time when keyword stuffing somewhat worked, but now doing that will not only negatively affect your search engine ranking, it won't draw in traffic from the clients you need. Ensure you're spelling your keywords correctly, and for local SEO add in key words that are relevant to your location. Keep it simple, concise, and clear for the best results.


2. Don't forget DIY website options


It's important to keep costs down when you first start your business, so don't try to splurge too much on cake bakery marketing. One way to save is to maintain your website on your own. Look into an option such as WordPress that provides good looking templates you can easily customize and change on your own. Add a domain name, and your website will be good to go.  Explore Cupcake Monster marketing websites for desserts shops to outrank any of your competitors!


3. Photos are key


The way that cakes, cupcakes ice cream, pies and baked goods look is almost as important as their taste and aroma, so put effort into putting great pictures online. This will basically serve as your portfolio and will be a way for you to draw interest to your business. When someone comes to your site and sees pictures of gorgeous and delicious cakes, they'll be more likely to contact you for a custom order or swing by your shop. By contrast, blurry or unappealing pictures can turn potential customers off.


4. Use good SEO tactics


SEO, or search engine optimization, is what will help your website rank higher in search engine results. There are a number of effective methods that you can do on your own, including creating relevant back links, so don't worry about paying big dollars for an online marketing expert when you first get started. Using Google Analytics will help fine tune your SEO efforts. Sign with the Cupcake Monster Network and get immediate exposure.  Local SEO tactics, blog marketing, article marketing, photos, videos, online viral deals – the works!


5. You need a call to action


A call to action basically tells visitors to your website what they should do next if they're interested in your baked goods and cakes. It can also encourage them to actually buy instead of just looking. For instance, you can have a contact page that says "Call or email us if you'd like a picture perfect cake for your next special occasion". You can also direct people to make comments under your blog posts, follow you on social media, or stop by your shop.


6. Social media matters


It's true that many people don't care to spend time on social media sites for personal reasons, but it's key that you at least have business accounts. Even if you're not active on all of the major social media sites, pick two to three that you can post to regularly and interact with current and potential customers. Facebook and Pinterest are especially effective for cake bakery marketing, as is Instagram.


7. Consider hosting a giveaway


People tend to be drawn to the chance to get things for free, so hold giveaways from time to time if you want to spark some buzz or grab the attention of potential customers. For instance, you can give a gift card to your cake business to a random commenter under a certain post. Or you can have a contest where people enter by sharing certain posts or hashtags.


8. Blogging is effective


Blogs will not only keep your customers informed, they'll let people new to your bakery get a better feel for what you're about and the quality of products that you produce. Use it as an opportunity to show the candid side of your business and connect with your audience on a deeper level.


9. Get reviews for more credibility


You're sure to gain happy customers, so encourage them to write online reviews for you. It will boost your shop's image and credibility, and having more reviews is also great for local SEO. In addition to on your website, encourage reviews to be left on your social media pages, profiles, and


10. Be courteous no matter what


It can be trying dealing with some people online, but keep your cool and avoid getting frustrated. There have been a slew of bakeries that have become famous for how poorly they treat their customers online -- don't be one of those types of business owners. Being courteous, even if customers complain or leave negative reviews, is always the best route to take.  Easily and skillfully reply to all of your reviews on CupcakeMaps – keep your customers engaged and satisfied.