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Be it satisfying late hours’ lust or relieve the mid-noon craving, CnC cupcakes has a solution for all. Though the bakery company lacked somewhere and remained just the competitor and not the Cupcake Wars Winners, it does not means that their flavors cannot surpass other competitors out there. The mouth-watering flavor of the cupcakes of cnc bakeries itself defines the quality and the devotion of the appreciable staff engaged in its preparation. The staff is so lovely to work with during special preparations of birthday parties and weddings.

An overview of CnC Cupcakes San Jose CA

The CnC cupcakes San Jose CA run as an online bakery with an emblem “what bakes you happy” to bring unique flavors to foodies in the vicinity. The cnc cupcake has taken the dessert lovers in San Jose California by storm. The fluffy layers of buttercream and garnish covering the edge with fruits on the top that always maintain the surprise as what is within the layers. Flavor is what will induce you visit and revisit the place.

Cut the San Jose cupcakes in half to reveal the surprise, it can be either the luscious smell of lemon or beautiful filling of blueberries. Sometimes, the flavor of buttercream and lemon together brings in an amazing taste. Though the dessert company failed to become san jose cupcake wars winners, it has won the hearts of many dessert lovers.

CnC Cupcakes - The one-stop spot for Awesome cupcakes in San Jose

Below the velvety of layer of cream is a sticky date of cupcake with a yum scoop of caramel and vanilla ice cream. The chocolate topping poured on the toasted walnuts gives California cupcakes its complete look. There is no limit of the deliciousness with soft and warm cnc cupcake. Undeniably, the cold ice cream layer with brown sugary caramel adds to the beauty of cupcakes. The entire menu here at San Jose cupcake shops is so delicious that you would love to grab it in one take.  Though whipped cream comes with a little sugar sprinkled on it, the crunchy toasted walnuts doubles the creaminess.  

The services and price San Jose CA bakeries is just too good to give you extra happiness by bringing you one of a kind flavor and saving a few pennies at the same time. Cupcakes, cookies, Parisian Macarons and Cup-Pies are available in fresh made varieties and with different choices of fillings. While the price of CnC cupcakes range between $30 and $48 for full-size dozen and $18 and $24 for mini-cupcakes, the cookies price falls between $10 and $36. On the other hand, macarons cost you between $40 and $50 depending upon the flavor choice and filling. In the same way, the smallest cup pies of the size of cupcakes are priced between $36 and $48 for dozen as per the choice of filling.

CnC Cupcakes San Jose - One of The Best in San Jose CA

Any event, be it wedding or anniversary, brings with it some sweet moments and cnc bakeries make such moments sweeter with its range of exceptionally scrumptious menu of cupcakes. The cream cheese icing is sweet, soft and perfectly suits butter flecks. For not-so sugar addict eaters, there is also a cupcake that is dense with bittersweet taste of dark chocolate. So if you are devising a plan to organize a party, you can contact them on their website or get in touch with the staff on the facebook page.  

 CnC Cupcakes contacts:


Facebook:  CnC Cupcakes


Phone: (408) 657-0202

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