CnC Cupcakes San Jose CA Cupcake Wars Competitors

Whether for satisfying your late hour snacking lust or fulfilling your evening craving, you can get an answer from CnC cupcakes San Jose CA. Although this bakery company was not the Food Network's Cupcake Wars Winners but merely one of the competitors, that does not imply that their flavors are not better than most of their rivals out there. The luscious flavor of CNC bakeries cupcakes shows the standard and effort of the laudable workers that were involved in the cake preparation. You will be thrilled at the unbeatable service you will get from their staffs during special occasions like of weddings and birthday parties.

Complete review of CnC Cupcakes San Jose CA

The CnC cupcakes San Jose CA Cupcake Wars Winners has an online bakery with a slogan (what bakes you happy) bringing great flavors to food lovers in the environment. In San Jose California, the CNC cupcake has taken lovers of dessert by storm. The buttercream fluffy layers & the garnish used to cover the edge together with the fruits on the top that constantly keeps the amazement as what is inside the layers. You will definitely want to revisit the place due to the amazing flavors.

You have to divide the San Jose cupcakes into two for you to bring out the surprise inside; you can get either beautiful filling of blueberries or luscious smell of lemon. The combination of lemon and flavor of buttercream sometimes create an awesome taste. Although they didn’t emerge as the San Jose cupcake wars winners, but they have won the love of many foodies.

CnC Cupcakes: The best arena for great cupcakes in San Jose

The bottom of the cream’s layer contains a sticky date of cupcake that carries a yum scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel. The chocolate topping used to design the toasted walnuts complement the perfect look of the California cupcakes. The awesomeness of the soft CNC cupcake is out of bound. Also, both the brown sugary caramel and the cold ice cream layer gives beauty to the cupcakes. The whole menu at San Jose cupcake shops is very luscious that you will always demand more. Although whipped cream has a small sugar sprayed on it, the creamy taste is furthered doubled with crunchy toasted walnuts.  This San Jose Cupcake Wars Winner certainly makes some delicious cupcakes, which is why they were on Cupcake Wars.

The exciting services and price of San Jose CA bakeriesis great to bring you more joy through their arrays of flavor, whilst allowing you to save some pennies. They have Cookies, Cupcakes, Cup-pies, and Parisian Macarons in different freshly baked flavors with arrays of fillings. CnC cupcakes have a price that is from $30 to $48 for a full-size dozen, $18 to $24 for the mini-cupcakes types, $10 to $36 for the cookies price. Also, you can get a price between $40 and $50 for Macarons based on the flavor and filling you choose. The smallest cup pies in cupcakes sized have their price ranging from $36 to $48 for a dozen depending on the filling you choose.

CnC Cupcakes San Jose: the most preferred in San Jose CA

CNC bakeries makes your parties, anniversary or wedding come alive with fun and sweet moments, making your party more special with their range of sweet tasty menus of cupcakes. With a sweet, soft cream cheese icing that is perfect for butter flecks. If you are not a sugar lover, you can get a cupcake with a dense bittersweet taste (dark chocolate). You can go head and get in touch with them if you are planning to organize an event, or just contact any of their staff through Facebook page.


CnC Cupcakes San Jose CA

Address: San Jose CA, California 95111 United States

Phone: (408) 657-0202


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