The Confection Co-Op Cupcake Review

The Confection Co-Op is located at 1200 N Highland Avenue, in Hollywood. It's a locally-owned place, not a chain, and I like to support the mom-and-pop stores, and I have heard good things about them, so I went in for a visit.

Parking is always an issue in L.A., but fortunately this shop has its own lot. It is small, so maybe try to avoid peak times. Parking is free. The ambiance inside is cute, like you'd expect, but not cutesy--they manage to strike a good balance between sweet and hip. It's trendy but not edgy. It's a small place, but there are a few tables inside and outside, so you may be able to eat there if you can snag an empty spot.


The "Co-Op" part of the name refers to their partnerships with Coolhaus Ice Cream, Verve Coffee and 'lette Macarons. They serve other typical bakery items, such as bagels, croissants and scones, but their specialty item is cupcakes, having started as a cupcake shop. The Confection Co-Op offers regular-sized cupcakes and minis, and they come in a variety of flavors that are available all the time, as well as "flavor of the month" and seasonal specials. I picked two standard-sized cupcakes, one in the regular flavor of vanilla cake with salted caramel buttercream icing, and one in the fall flavor of pumpkin with pumpkin spice cream cheese icing.

First of all, the presentation is amazing! These cupcakes really are little works of art; you can tell it's a labor of love. They were almost too pretty to eat, but of course I dug right in. They were both excellent--very moist cake, great flavor that tasted natural and fresh, and they weren't overly sweet, like you get at some places. Also they weren't super heavy, which is good. With so many different appealing flavors to choose from, you definitely want to be able to have more than one.


I have heard that sometimes the service is a little brusque, but that may be something that happens under reasonable circumstances, like a rush. For me, the staff was very sweet and helpful, answering my questions and making some good suggestions. The prices are very competitive, as well--much cheaper than Sprinkles, but just as good quality. I would definitely recommend The Confection Co-Op for the cupcakes, and I am looking forward to trying the cookies, ice cream, and more! 

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18 Oct 2016