Sprinkles Cupcakes: Always Delicious, Always On Time

Sprinkle Cupcake: The Original Cupcakery that started it All!


Cupcakes are fantastic both as a treat for an individual or bought in a larger quantity to celebrate an occasion. There are many bakeries that create stunning cupcakes across the globe. Sprinkles Cupcakes is a leader in the cupcake industry and this company is known for innovative creations and the wide variety of delicious flavors they offer.

About Sprinkles

Established in 2004, Sprinkles Cupcakes boasts they were the first cupcake bakery in the world and are an inspiration to those who have followed into the cupcake business. Sprinkles Cupcakes’ bakery is based in Beverley Hills, though their website means they have a much wider custom base. What makes the cupcakes from this company stand out amongst its competitors is the quality of the ingredients they use for their freshly baked and handcrafted treats. Sprinkles Cupcakes’ original bakery is located at 9635 S Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverley Hills, CA 90210. However, the company has expanded significantly and there are now an additional 20 stores across the U.S.

Sprinkles Cupcake Menu Options

The cupcakes are made to order with the flavors and decorations of your choice. Some of the popular flavors include black and white, caramel apple, chocolate marshmallow, cinnamon sugar,chocolate, red velvet, vanilla and vanilla milk chocolate. Sprinkles Cupcakes also have daily and weekly specials and seasonal flavors in addition to the regular options. Furthermore, there is the option to buy sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan versions of some flavors.

Other Treats

Sprinkles Cupcakes have expanded their range of treat beyond simply creating stunning cupcakes. Customers can also choose from cookies or ice-cream that are available in a variety of delicious and interesting flavors.

Ordering from Sprinkles Cupcakes

If you live near a store, then the easiest way to order is to simply go to the bakery and speak to a member of staff. However, there are other options including ordering online or by telephone. There is the option for pickup or delivery of your order. There may be fees for local deliveries depending on the distance from the bakery and if parking fees will apply for the delivery driver. Sprinkles Cupcakes also ship preordered cupcakes within the U.S. for both residential and commercial customers. Again, shipping charges will apply. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the products, Sprinkles.com do not deliver outside of the U.S.

Sprinkles Cupcakes was not only the first bakery to create handmade cupcakes, it also continues to rate as one of the best in the U.S. Their delightful handmade creations are the perfect treat for individuals and occasions alike. 

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11 Oct 2016