Cupcakes – For a Yummy and Memorable Wedding Favor

Why Not Try Wedding CUPCAKES Instead of Cake?

Cupcakes are everyone's favorite treat. People of all ages love giving them and receiving them as well. An all-time favorite snack, cupcakes are now being used by more and more couples as wedding favors. They are delicious and are sure to be appreciated. In a Hollywood wedding, Khloe Kardashian used cupcakes as the wedding favor in her wedding.

Here is some important information you should keep in mind when giving cupcakes as wedding favors.

You can decorate your cupcakes with special toppings such as:

- Candy sprinkles – They are always fun, and you can create a special design using them. You can use geometrical lines or you can spell out your names with them as well.
-You can use nuts for a crunchy contrast to the moist cake inside. You can put in whole pieces, or you can have crushed nuts as well.
- Chocolate fudge can make any cupcake especially sweet.
- For a burst of colors, use M&M's as toppers. Other candies can also be cut or broken into pieces and used as toppings.
- Consider using a mix of different toppings as well so that everyone can get a unique cupcake.

You can use rum butter, vanilla chiffon, chocolate, or carrot cakes as the flavor of your cupcake. Basically, any flavor you can use for a cake, you can also use for cupcakes. You can also use different types of icing. Make cupcakes the center of your wedding. Here are some ways on how to present cupcakes during the reception:

- Place at least 10 pieces on the center of the table to make them yummy centerpieces. You can use the table itself for as the platform or use an elevated one to make it more special.

- Use cupcakes as satellite cakes. You can arrange them beautifully in separate tables for a truly decorative and yummy treat.

- You can use cupcakes as place cards. Instead of having guests look at the usually boring place cards, make it a conversation piece by using it as toppers on cupcakes, and have the cupcakes as the place card instead. It is a refreshing twist from the usual place cards.

If you will be ordering them from a caterer or bake shop, ensure that they are freshly-baked to avoid spoilage. During the reception, especially if you will use them as satellite cakes or place cards, ensure that the room temperature is juts right so the topping will not melt (if its too hot), the cake will not harden (and retain its soft and smooth texture), and most importantly, for it to not spoil. You want to make your wedding memorable for all the right reasons, and spoiled food should not be part of that.

While there are other edible favors, cupcakes will always be one of the favorites for both kids and adults, not just because of how they look or the many ways how they can help beautify your wedding, but most importantly, the joy and deliciousness it brings to your guests.

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04 Mar 2013

By Criss White