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With the increasing number of cupcake and cake shops popping up all over the country, it’s no surprise that startups are popping up looking to capitalize on the growing number of cupcake and cake lovers looking for great cupcakes and sweet deals. One of these is CupcakeMaps, a site that aspires to be a Yelp for cupcakes and cakes in California and other states. The site offers a Google Maps mashup that pinpoints the locations of the closest cupcakes in a user’s vicinity. At this point the vast majority of cupcake and cake shops on CupcakeMaps are located in California and New York, but the site is slowly adding locations in other states.

Aside from the proximity map, CupcakeMaps also offers reviews for cupcake and cake shops.  Co-founder E.J. Scott says that the site has been seeing an average of 48% growth per month since launching in July 2011, with several thousand registered cupcake lovers. To monetize, CupcakeMaps is using standard advertising along with a list of featured cupcake shops and cake shops, using a visitors’ IP address to recommend sponsored locations within a 10 mile radius. Scott says that the site is also considering deals on cupcakes, cakes, and ice cream. You also download the Cupcake Monster's Bakery reviews App from both Android and iTunes for iPhone

Cupcakes are big business, worth as much as 74 billion dollars a year in United States. Scott says that the startup is on the lookout for venture funding, but that it will “take a special kind of VC”. I suspect that most VCs will see this as a super sweet investment with lucrative returns, leaving CupcakeMaps with significant leverage.

Yes, a really sweet deal.

General Cupcake Inc. has just announced that it’s acquired The company didn’t disclose the details of the deal, but stated that is was a "sweet deal"...pun intended.

The executives acquired CupcakeMaps, a popular Yelp for Cupcake Shops‘site with a large following.   The acquisition includes both the valuable domain name and the existing site/content, which currently consists of a bulletin forum that centers on desserts and dessert deals. It’s obviously a pricey acquisition, but one that will likely pay dividends. and is positioning themselves as the go-to place for information that’s relevant to cupcake lovers.


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Kritin M.
Los Angeles, CA

I'm loving CupcakeMaps! The site is cool and VERY useful - Thanks!!!

August 2014

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04 Oct 2016

By Cupcake Monster