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by Cupcake Monster on

You want higher rankings on the search engines? The more places you list your cupcake / cake shop, the higher your search engine page rankings. A lot of businesses are already listed in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp.... Read full article

Sprinkles Opens Cupcake ATM in Texas!


Sprinkles sates cupcake cravings 24/7 with new ATM in Preston Center... Read full article

Cupcake Maps is Yelp for Cupcakes and Cakes


Cupcake Maps, a site that aspires to be a Yelp for cupcakes and cakes in California and other states. Aside from the proximity map, Cupcake Maps also offers reviews for cupcake and cake shops. ... Read full article

Cupcake Monster


Cupcake Monster is the monster with a voracious appetite for cupcakes! He is best known for his famous eating phrases: “Me Love Cupcake!”, “Me want cupcake!”, “Me eat cupcake!”... Read full article

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