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Decorating Ideas for Cupcakes With Team Logos as a Super Bowl Dessert


Everyone makes cupcakes. They are so simple to make, and make a great presentation. They can be made in any flavor, decorated or not, and are always a sought after treat. If one has a little artistic ability they can be made elaborately, though this ... Read full article

A Cupcake Stand Will Change the Whole Face of Your Next Party


Would you love to find a solution for that so you can occupy your precious time on something else during your party? Here is the perfect solution and bet you never thought of it or even new they existed, the cupcake stand. Cupcake stands come in many... Read full article

Ideas For Decorating Cupcakes


A cupcake straight from the oven would be too plain to serve. Even those being served would consider it bland just by looking at it. But with the addition of a little color and decoration, it transforms into real eye candy and one can assume it ... Read full article

Cupcakes – For a Yummy and Memorable Wedding Favor


Cupcakes are everyone's favorite treat. People of all ages love giving them and receiving them as well. An all-time favorite snack, cupcakes are now being used by more and more couples as wedding favors. They are delicious and are sure to be apprecia... Read full article

Cupcake Decorations for the Time Challenged


Cakes are decorated in all colors and shapes. Some of the edible toppers that grace them look so divine that you would not want to spoil them by eating even a single piece of them. Others are really lifelike, such as baby birds made from marzipan or ... Read full article

How to Customize Cake Boxes and Other Creative Ideas Birthday Parties


Organizing a party for children does not necessarily need to get complicated or expensive. In this article we will talk about some creative ideas such as using special cake boxes and making personalized T-shirtsthat kids will love to make your party ... Read full article

Decorating Your Cake With Fruit or Other Healthy Toppings


Everyone loves cake on their lips…but not on their hips. Candies and chocolate and icings are full of sugar and fat. Not everyone in attendance at your party will want to indulge on such a treat. You could be stuck with miles of cake or cupcakes that... Read full article

What's the Wedding Cake Tradition?

by David B C on

A wedding cake is the traditional cake served to the guests at a wedding reception (or in parts of England, at a wedding breakfast) after a wedding. In modern Western culture, it is usually a large cake, multi-layered or tiered, and heavily decorated... Read full article

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