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I was born in Oklahoma and raised in California in a small desert town on a farm. I was blessed to come from a strong, hard working and balanced family who believed in me and supported me in all my endeavors. At 15 years old I started a cleaning company because I didn’t want to work for anyone else. I was determined to have something of my own, but at that age, I didn’t have many resources. So I bought some mops and buckets and walked a mile to an assisted living community where I knocked on doors for clients. That’s where Gigi’s Cleaning Company was born. My real dream was to become a singer/songwriter. I started vocal lessons, put a band together and began doing my own shows and making demo tapes. I’d clean during the day and at night I’d sing -- anywhere. We performed anywhere from biker bars to senior citizen homes. In 1994, I sold my little cleaning business, and with all my bills paid and $500 cash in my hand, I moved to Nashville. No job, no apartment and no friends were waiting for me in Nashville, but I knew in my heart that God would take care of me. I found a job at Red Lobster as a waitress and began building up a few cleaning clients. I would clean during the day, wait tables and sing at night. I performed at some of Nashville’s top tourist night spots like Tootsie’s and The Stage on Broadway in downtown Nashville and also did some touring for several years. Atlanta Cupcake Factory Atlanta GA offers delicious cupcakes in Atlanta Georgia; for your cupcake lovers appetite! Search Cupcake Maps for Cupcake articles, recipes, and deals in Atlanta!! Satisfy all of sweet toothe desires here at CUPCAKE MONSTER'S CUPCAKE MAPS!!!


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Mon – Wed: 10 am – 7 pm | Thu - Sat: 10 am – 8 pm | Sunday: 12 - 5 pm


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Peggy. H
Atlanta GA
Gigi's - great cupcakes!

I came to Gigi's for my sons birthday party with some his teenage friends. We ordered chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. The chocolate cupcakes were also delicious! The icing was perfectly sweet...just right for a Saturday birthday party!!!

May 2014

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Clara N.
Atlanta, GA
Gigi's is not too sweet cupcakes

Their cupcakes have just the right amount of sweetness. Their icing is also the same. I prefer it to be icing rather than buttercream and their topping is exactly that. I love Gigi's for this fun and good pastries that they offer.

September 2013

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Victoria Y.
Atlanta, GA
Gigi's is an amazing bakeshop!

This is an amazing bake shop. They have great selection of muffins and breads, a favorite of mine is their red velvet version. I am very pleased with their store decorations as well. The staff are all pleasant and friendly too.

October 2013

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3 Reviews



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