What is a Cupcake and Why are they SO popular?

A cupcake is a mini cake specifically baked for one sweet tooth lover! Usually they are baked in small wrappers with typical cake recipe ingredients like sugar, eggs, flour, mixture and different flavors ESP chocolate!!!  They are then decorated with a tasty mouth watering frosting made of butter, creams, sugar, and toppings.  They are many flavors and reasons such as birthdays, weddings, parties, office meetings, and just because:)  

As mentioned in our article-------------Most times we don't like baking, but would rather find the local top bakery for some tasty treats.  On Cupcake Maps there over 13,000 bakeries listed.  You can find the nearest Sprinkles, Crumbs Bake Shop, Johnny, Frosted Cupcakery, Gigi's, and almost any other specialty and/or gourmet bakery shops in the United States.  The best part is that the website and mobile apps are free. Baking these small sweets surfaced in 19th century England when it became more convenient to bake many of them in cup-size molds or ramekins instead of one large cake in a cake pan. These small cake-like treats are called such because they are the size of a teacup or because ingredients were measured in cups. 

For much of the 20th century in the U.S. they became synonymous with children’s birthday or school parties, served in lieu of traditional cake, in which utensils are needed to divide it into individual servings. Typical recipes usually yield 12-14 treats. Acceptable eating-etiquette permits eating them with hands. Cupcakes are usually wrapped in a paper or foil cup.

While traditional cupcake recipes are not particularly healthy because sugar is a main ingredient, recipes can be altered to make the dessert more healthful. Using fruit, buttermilk or pudding as a substitute for vegetable oil decreases the fat. Also, leaving off the icing decreases the fat and sugar content thus making these sweets is a healthier dessert. Find healthy recipes in cooking magazines and food magazines like Cooking LightDiabetic Cooking and Vegetarian Times.

Recently these treats have made many appearances in pop culture. Magnolia Bakery in Manhattan was featured in an episode of the HBO hit TV series “Sex and the City,” in which two characters devoured the bakery’s famous desserts to bakeries in L.A. and Hollywood. Celebrity haunts include Sprinkles, Auntie Em’s, Sweet Lady Jane and Susie Cakes in L.A. Find other celebrity hangouts in magazines like Cosmopolitan, In Style and In Touch.

Elsewhere specialty bakeries continue to pop up across the U.S. including cities like Nashville, Austin and Chicago. The most popular flavors continue to be traditional flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, carrot, banana and coconut.




 Why are cup cakes SO popular?
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