Cupcake Monster Marketing Platform and Mobile Web Apps

Mobile technology and marketing are absolutely necessary in today's market.  100% of your customers use mobile devices, so you must demonstrate your technological savvy and help your customers find you and use your apps easily.  With Cupcake Monste marketing bakery apps you can do just that!  

Cupcake Monster’s Mobile Design is a Mobile Web App building platform that allows bakery businesses an affordable solution to creating Mobile Web Apps. Customers who visit your website on mobile devices are automatically directed to your Mobile Web App using our Mobile Device Detection Technology.

The customer has the option to instantly download your App creating a shortcut on their phone for quick access to your mobile web app at any time.

With your Mobile web app your customers can:

•Sign-up for VIP offers or Coupons

•Get Door to Door GPS directions to your business

•Purchase products right from the mobile app

•View Your Menus, prices, hours, and locations

•Watch a Youtube commercial about your dessert business or

•Interact with your company via social media sites like facebook and twitter

And with our Simple to use integrated Mass Marketing Platform, you have the ability to Send your Offers to Email, Facebook, Twitter and Text or SMS simultaneously with just one click.

Cupcake Monster’s “Type Once Send to all” Technology Lets you engage your Customer while saving you time and effort. Imagine easily Connecting to 100’s or 1000’s of your customers wherever they are in an instant Visit for a complete demo and see why bakery businesses everywhere are using Cupcake Monster Mobile Apps to engage their customers like never before.  Mobile Web Apps and websites are the wave of the future, and with a program like, your new mobile-friendly website will be up in less time than it took you to watch this video.

If your website isn't mobile web friendly right now, you'd better get with the program. By the year 2013, a majority of consumers will be using their mobile phones and other wireless accessories to gain access to the internet and look up local businesses. In order to compete with other businesses in your area, your website needs to be mobile friendly. Contact us today – just visit and sign-up today., Get Mobilized!