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Cupcake Wars is a popular show that brings together some of America’s greatest bakery shops and has them battle it out to see who can win the Cupcake War. These Los Angeles cupcake bakery shops use their baking knowledge as well as their creativity to create delicious, beautiful cupcakes to be judged. In order to win, the bakers must put everything that they have into this. Just watching one episode shows the dedication to and love of baking that these individuals have. The following LA Cupcake Wars winners have proven to be some of the best in this country through the taste and beauty of their cupcakes. You can find the city of the shop and more information on the site if you are interested.


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  1. Southern Girl Desserts
 southern girl desserts los angeles ca cupcake wars winners


Southern Girl Desserts brings a taste of the south to the west coast. Founded in 2007 by Catarah Hampshire, later bringing Shoneji Robison in as co-owner, there was a desire to give the people of LA a taste of the south and the desserts made popular there. Since no other company was doing it at the time, Catarah decided that LA needed a little taste of her home-style cupcakes.

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  1. Dollhouse Bake Shoppe

 dollhouse bake shoppe los angeles ca cupcake wars winners

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Lindsay Ann founded Dollhouse Bake Shoppe in 2009 with dollhouses in mind. To give people their treats in moderations, she created her sweets in miniature sizes, small just like a dollhouse. While they are much smaller, they are still full of flavor and quite beautiful in appearance.

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  1. Friandise Pastries Inc.
frandise pastries los angeles ca cupcake wars winners


With a love for small treats igniting her passion, Kirby Galli opened her bakery to the public in order to offer sweets to just about everyone. Whether you want the simple and much loved or the experimental and new, or you are after something vegan or gluten free friendly, you will find what you are after here. There is a large selection of sweets as well as various options to match your diet.

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  1. Happily Ever After Confectionary

 happily ever after confectionery los angeles cupcake wars winners

In your storybook life, you would want a little sweetness added in, right? That is the idea behind Happily Ever After Confectionary. Here, it is about more than just the sweets and the incredibly selection, which even includes vegan and gluten free options. It is also about giving you something sweet that you will remember and that will give your story a happy little twist.

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  1. JazzyCakes

 jazzy cakes los angeles cupcake wars winners

Jasmine Frank started Jazzy Cakes at a young age and is showing her true potential through it. She wants to give the world art that you can eat, and will want to eat. The sweets that she makes are all stunning visually and taste even better than they look, which might not sound possible at first sight.

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