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Tell the World about Your Favorite Cupcakes Cakes Bakeries

December 20, 2014

Tell Me About Your Favorite Cupcake Shops To help people all over find cupcakes n cakes is the Cupcake Monster's mis... (more)

Your Kids Birthday Party just got Better With these Peanut-butter and Banana Cupcakes

November 23, 2014

Great Recipe: Peanut-butter and Banana Cupcakes It may sound like an odd combination, but just like p... (more)

Banana Cream Cupcakes

November 01, 2014

Delicious Banana Cupcake Recipes Can you appreciate a delicous banana cupcake? ... (more)

Sprinkles' Strawberry Cupcakes

October 18, 2014

Do you live far from Sprinkles?  But love their cupcakes?  Check out these Sprinkles Strawberry Cupcakes!  The batter contains m... (more)

Raffaello Cupcakes

October 16, 2014

Raffaello cupcakes originated from ad... (more)

CupcakeMonsterBaby's New Snuggly and Adorable Cupcake Baby Clothes

September 18, 2014

The cutest cupcake baby clothes Make room in the new baby drawers and closets. We launched a new babies collection, Li... (more)

What to Look for When Buying a Cupcake Baby Clothes Bodysuit

August 28, 2014

Cupcake Monster Baby Clothes A cupcake baby clo... (more)