More Bakery/Cupcakery Reviews = More Customer Trust = Lower Threshold to Buy = More Cashflow For Your Business!!!

There are a many benefits for controlling your business listing on Cupcake Maps – add descriptions, add your menus, add local deals, publicly responding to your bakery reviews, and adding photos of baked goods n desserts! Now shop owners can add the ‘Review Us’ badge to their website directly linking to their listing on our main website! This marketing strategy helps with attracting more customers reviews, new customers, and seo optimization for local cupcake shops.

Local City Cupcake Bakery Marketing

If you're a local cupcake / cake/ cookie shop trying to attract new customers, has become a crucial tool for doing exactly that throughout the United States. In case you've never heard of it, is an easy-to-use website and mobile app where cupcakes / cake lovers, mothers, aand families can review their experience with local cupcake/cake/cookies/desserts businesses and give them a rating out of 5 stars. visitors can then search for business names or categories within a neighborhood, city, or state, and read other people's reviews and suggestions. Our mobile app is also extremely user-friendly and allows greater visibilty for your business and easy access to your store hours, location, and contact information on the go.


We highly recommend creating a account for your business, asking your customers to review their experience with your business, and adding a Review Us on Badge to your website so that your website visitors can easily access your customers' reviews.



Cupcake Monster Maps







Grab the 'Reviews Us' badge button

and link to your listing on Cupcake Maps


1. Go to your listing on


2. In the URL section at the the top of the page you will see your url - looks like this:

This should look like " BUSINESS LISTING URL INFO"


3. Copy and paste the part AFTER inlcuding the '/' backslash to the code below.

"<div align="center"><a href=" BUSINESS LISTING URL INFO" title="Cupcake Maps" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Cupcake Maps" style="border:none;" /></a></div>"

"<div align="center"><a href="" title="Cupcake Maps" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Cupcake Maps" style="border:none;" /></a></div>"



4. Add the code to your website then verify that it links directly to your listing.


Here are 3 ways to draw attention to your online listing presence without being too needy:

1. Sign off on your business emails with a link to your listing and the message "Check us out on Cupcake Maps!"

2. Co-brand your online and print presence with our badges. See above for instructions.

3. Offer WiFi at your business? Configure your WiFi Router to make your listing on our site the start page for your customers.  

Bakery business owners can register  at GROW MY CUPCAKE / CAKE BUSINESS


“People Love Our Sweets on” sticker

The prestigious 'Cupcake Monster Approved' stickers are based on reviews of your shop, tasting of your desserts, preview of the store (if online - we review your website, facebook page, and/or your twitter page), and the quality of service.  Winners of this award get the Cupcake Monster Approved stickers to post on their windows, and website badges especially for online shops.  Additionally, you'll a receive A TON OF ONLINE MARKETING via blog posts, press releases, photos, videos, and social media.  

The popular “People Love Our Sweets on” sticker is the award program that recognizes cupcake / cake shops with 75 or more reviews and an average of 4.5 stars rating. If you have not yet been selected for either of these awards, but would still like people to know that you are a CupcakeMaps-listed business, and you are a member of the Cupcake Monster Network, you can request a “Review Us on” sticker with this form.  



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