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I Thought Gigi's Cupcakes Atlanta Ga Was Good...but NOT this Good?

on 04/26/2014 - 11:02 am

Atlanta Georgia's Gigi's Cupcakes - A Favorite Local Bakery
There are plenty of people who like sweets, and especially cupcakes. The number of women liking cupcakes is surely surpassing those of men, but this difference has no effect on the popularity of this dessert. The reason cupcakes are popular is because they look very pretty, can be eaten very fast, and are sweet. Of course, being eaten very fast is a drawback at the same time.
One of the nicest cupcake stores in Atlanta Georgia out there is the one called Gigi’s. It is owned by Tobi and Gil Lyons since April 13th 2010. Gil is the one with 20 years of experience in working with food in a restaurant. Tobi helps run Gigi’s ...

Starz Cupcakes Santa Cruz

on 04/22/2014 - 03:29 am

Starz Cupcakes Reviews
On the off chance that you are going by Santa Cruz and have a sweet tooth, you will revel in going to Starz Cupcake. Starz Cupcakes' history goes well back in time, the bakery shop serving a some of the best pastries, desserts, and sweets nearby. Also who doesn't cherish desserts?
The best thing about Starz Cupcakes Santa Cruz is that it is a family owned and ran business. Moreover, the managers depend on 7 eras of astounding cake formulas to produce to local Santa Cruz patrons. Starz Cupcakes is more than a pastry kitchen, and takes pride into serving delicious bits of awesome cupcakes to anybody that enters its entryways.
Starz Cupcakes Santa Cruz Has some AWESOME ... Offers Mobile Web Apps via To Provide Mobile Web Apps

on 04/14/2014 - 05:29 am

Use Mobile Web Apps for Easy / Effective Cupcake Cake Shop Marketing
13 March 2014—SANTA CRUZ, CA, USA—If your website isn’t mobile web friendly right now, you’d better get with the program.  Since 2013, the majority of consumers have been using their mobile phones and other wireless accessories to gain access to the internet and look up local cupcake / cake businesses.  In order to compete with other businesses in your area, your website needs to be mobile friendly and you need to be mobile. and makes turning your website into a mobile-friendly powerhouse a cinch. is a c ...