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Cupcake Reviews: The Buttery, Santa Cruz, CA

on 08/19/2013 - 10:53 pm

 CUPCAKE REVIEWS: The Buttery, Santa Cruz, CA
 "Yes, the Cupcake Monster has spoken - Approved!!!!" 
Was in Santa Cruz visiting nostalgic places of my alma mater, UC Santa Cruz.  Remembered The Buttery as one of my local study spots for long nights of memorizing chemistry equations and nuclear quantum mechanics!  Thought it would be awesome to go back and check out the infamous, the fantastic... The Buttery!


The place has changed quite bit, but one thing is for sure - the sweets are STILL AWESOME!  I briefly spoke with the manager who super friendly and happy (How could you not be happy - you get to w ...

CUPCAKE REVIEWS: Hotcakes Bakes Los Angeles Cupcakes

on 08/19/2013 - 10:21 pm

CUPCAKE REVIEWS: Hotcakes Bakes Los Angeles Cupcakes 
A few weeks ago we had a chance to check out Hotcakes Bakes in Los Angeles, CA  I had heard of this bakery joint before, but WOW what a shocker!  Hotcakes Bake in Los Angeles   is a gem.  



Hotcakes Bakes Los Angeles CA is right in the Los Angeles / Culver Cirty area.  We ordered three of the tasty sweet treats:  chocolate chocolate, Vanilla, and mocha Expresso.  





Los Angeles Cupcake Shops 
Vanilla: moist vanilla cake toppe ...